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updated: 2023-01-01
(new draft)

A Vietnamese expat comming home on search for relatives met a businessman on a rising path together with his cuisine passionate daughter. Will they make it through the flunctuations of the infomation revolution?


Phim Viễn Tưởng


Huy Động Vốn


Digi-tech has been and still is developing with breath taking speed. This romance is a quick look back at the starting line, and the journey passed, to pose questions for what will come on the path of digitalisation from various perspectives of Viet’s beings.

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Chat Hall

The chat hall below is for internal discussion of this project. Crew members, please contact me to be invited into this chat hall.

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Funding’s Info


Please check out my general offer to investors for theatrical films on this page.

To invest this project, please contact me.

updated: 2023-06-17
(new table)

The estimated cost may be changed. Details are being updated and will be publish here.

Balance Value Units
Estimated Cost (VND) ?·000·000·000
Standing Budget (VND) 0·000·000·000

If there are still fund left over after we finish making the film, the whole crew will vote to donate to a particular charity.

Share Ratio
updated: 2022-07-22

To secure directive and creative rights for the project, I hold 50% of ownership|revenue from all theatrical releases. 10% from this revenue will be shared equally between all crew members. The other 10% will be negotiated and share to key members in the film crew. The last 30% of the revenue will be divided between investors base on ratio of investment over total fund. Detail listing will be published here.




updated: 2022-07-22

If you are a filmmaker and the story has sparked a little something in the soul, do make contact.