TR011 - YETI / Texas Tornado - 09/2017


updated: 2022-03-07

I got a text from Thắng, the bassist of Hạc San letting me know that he just met a very interesting character - Adam Yang. Thắng and Yvol (the drummer of Hạc San) will be playing with Adam Yang for his band Yetti in Việt Nam and planned to tour in Tokyo, Japan.

Yeti’s plan was to make a MV to promote for their next your. Perhaps Thắng contacted me because I made a short documentary for Hạc San before. I am a big fan of Hạc San for a very long time, so I felt very lucky to get this offer.

After exchanging words with Adam, I knew quite well that there weren’t going to be enough budget for the project. But I was pondering because I always want to support musicians.

I contacted Nghĩa (Bờ-Lu) just to be clear about production. I planned that if Bờ-Lu was going to deny since there weren’t enough money, I would too. Suprisingly, my silly friend still took on the gig.

The musicians had contacted Acoustic Bar to borrow the place for filmming. And Bờ-Lu pull every favor he had to support the project. We met on set, before day just to see what else can we beg for with what we have. This is when I met Thịnh, the Cameraman that is sharpest I knew to this day. The plan was to rent two strobe light hide the fact that we had absolutely nothing on our broke ass film set, a set of dolly, and we give whatever we have to the equipment&lighting crew. Felt like there was too little, I went over Đô-rê-mi (now have moved right next to Acoustic Bar) to borrow 2 sets of amplifiers. Not enough men for the job, I forced Xù to come and help so we could call even from previous project. Some how, Adam Yang got three girls to spice things up.

To be clear, we still had no script at that poing. At 8 in the morning, we showed up and just start shooting. The more we shoot, the more I began to vision how to cut the film so it would be entertaining enough. Right at 4 we stop the production and called it a day so the bar could prepare for the bussiness in the evening.

After a month, staring at the strobing screen like tortured, Adam Yang called me to check how was things. At the presentation, Adam appeared to be very pleased with the final outcome and praise everybody. Suddenly I had a strange feeling and told Adam to be careful when talking about budget of the production since it is nowhere near accurate.

| Tôi | Adam | Bờ-lu | @ nhà tôi (who took? 22-08-2017)

Sometime later, I saw Adam was showing off how cheap he got the film made for like it was some sort of victory. I got in touch with the two friends from Hạc San to learn that they also had notthing to do with this character any longer since. I am very sad but I do hope Adam will be more careful with his word about the people who did everything they could to him in this project. Hopefully his music will still shine as this film does.

This film marked the end of my carrer toward project that doesn’t have enough budget to cover the cost.



published: 2017-09-09


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