TR010 - Vũ Minh Nghĩa / Mẹ - 08/2017

updated: 2022-03-07


Trying to learn from previous lessons, I now tried to be as fair as I can be for every job I take.

Nghĩa (Xù) a music friend was at the time studying directing at the national university and approached me with a short with an invitation for editing. There were no budget, and he was afraid to ask but it has been quite sometime since I cut a real good film. So I broke my rule and offer to cut for free.

Things went pretty well until the last few hours - an actor/actress got into the edit room. We spent 4 hours explaining every cut we made in the film and eventually ran out of time to process the audio. The version publish here has the sound worked on after the deadline.

Xù got someone to get it done sometime later. Anyway, student films are for gaining experience so that was that.