TR008 - Too Good To Be True - 08/2017


updated: 2022-03-03

This is the first film on papper that I wrote with a seriously attitude.

After Mẹ Chồng I started to practise writing alot; because I realised there is value in making fiction film.

When I was in high school, Dr. Foshaugen (Doc), the man who taught me philosophy always complained when he has to read my essays. Doc would always said that he was very easy on me since english was not my first language. He would always have to guess what I meant rather than understand from the text I actually handed in. Long after school, I read back the stuff I gave him and I absolutely agreed with the Doc. If I was marking my paper for sure I would just mark them failed without hesitation.

But the funny at this point was that I struggled to write in vietnamese.

Even though I wrote a music film for Cá Hồi Hoang, this was truly the first script that I was serious about writing.

I tried to read about the techniques on writing screenplays. In the beginning I just couldn’t understand anything. The more I read the more confused I was. After a couple of days I deleted all the books I found and just bash stuff out in english first. I wrote a lot of shorts. Mostly delete them as soon as I read them back because I don’t like to be concious of the bad ideas. Only this very first script is kept because I know there will be a day I would like to go back to the point of where it started.

Not just the struggle of languages, I also struggled to find topics to write about because it’s very difficult to think of something to write about. I read somewhere on the internet (maybe Genero) that there were a traveling company looking to do an some advert. So I just based on that to start. You can read the read the script here.