TR007 - Lý Minh Thắng / Mẹ Chồng - 06/2017


updated: 2022-03-02

I found a cafe/bar just to sit and think throgh the failure of previous project. This place was called Máy Cày (meaning trucktor) - decor was really cool. I talked to the owner and learned that the venue is just a hobby, Thao’s main work is Production Design for feature films. At the time, he was complaining about not having enough men for the next project. I was a bit sick of the moaning so I offered my labour. After I read the script, we began the work.

Máy Cày (I took 06-05-2017)

From the script, I can see that the amount of props were just enormous and was very difficult to execute since the film is based in 1950s. I suggest that we make pretty good plan when I learned that the film was going to be filmed in Nha Trang. Shame that may be I didn’t communicate well enough to convince him.

| Trung | Hưng | Hào | Hiệp | Trí | Trung | [tài xế] | Thao | - Art Department of Mẹ Chồng (who took? 06-08-2017)

We were going all over the place in Sài Gòn in about 2 months - tried to get the absolute lowest price for every transaction that we made. Mostly interior furniture, we loaded 3 big trucks full of probs heading for Nha Trang. I noticed we had another guy named Trung in the team so I died my hair green just to help the confusion when other call us. When we were on set, there was even another Trung who did the Location Sound so everytime people called my name my head would start to spin.

We were 60km away from the city, and I was in charge of getting more probs for scenes that can’t be prepared prior or are way ahead of schedule. The rest of the team were either on set to help with the filmming or building the next scene. I pretty much were racing all over Nha Trang terrified of not getting the probs to set on time for filmming. I don’t know if it was the quality of the die or the sun but my hair turned from green to blonde in about a week. There were so much craziness happening that I would take very long time to write everything but with 7 men, we managed through. The only motivation for me to kept going was that everytime I came back to set, the frame of Nam, the cameraman was always looking very tasty.

Last scene (I took 25-06-2017)

After a month with all sort of unbelievable things happened the nightmare finnally slowed down. The rest of the work wasn’t about time any more but reputation when return the probs that we rented or borrowed. After this project, I knew for sure there were a lot to improve.

This log was written in the time I am very crossed with Thao. The reason being I have told him countless of time to schedule work before the fact but he kept calling me when I am sleeping.



published: 2017-12-01


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