TR004 - CHH / Thế Nên - 03/2017


updated: 2022-02-23

Talking about “merinate” from the previous, when I was working in the old company, I didn’t have time for myself. Time for myself at this point meant getting drunk. I drunk a lot around these time to make up for the time before. Alot meaning I was always drunk. I also had time to be sad for just broke up with the ex.

At some point I listened to Cá Hồi Hoang (CHH). You can see that the story in the song “Thế Nên” by CHH had some connection with a young man in my situation with no employment and heart broken.

Checking the old text with Thành Luke (frontman of CHH) I was trying to get them to do a music video for this song. I remembered I was very drunk when I started writing the script even though I did not research any technique for writing fiction films. I guess I wrote this first:


A was in an argument with his girlfriend(B) for jelousy reason. A walks away one night to escape and return the next day to see that B has left him for good. Sometime later A was at a cafe with friends when they met by accident.

In the chat history, I sent Thành Luke this and even with a file named Script.pdf. You can see the content of this file here.

You can see that this was an insult because I didn’t bother to even write the all the lyrics properly in the script. I even texted him that I would really like to meet and explain this thing. Of course the guy didn’t reply with that junks I sent him.

I remembered I was very angry because I waited for a very long time. Before writing this blog, I looked through the old hard drive and found that I have deleted everything and just left an empty directory. Perhaps the anger shook hand with the drunk and did this. Lucky I didn’t delete the directory too otherwise I wouldn’t remember I did this.

It took me may be more than a year later to realised that drinking didn’t help with anything with creative work. Alot of stuff I destroyed because of alcohole, and a lot of time was forever lost for being drunk. Now I limit myself quite alot because with amount that I can handle, drinking is a very costly bussiness financially, relationship wise and conscious wise.

Because this project is only film on paper and will properly never be made into a film, I spent a little time re-write and store it here.