TR003 - Tám Tháng Ba - 03/2017


updated: 2022-02-23

This was one of an idea that I had while on the trip. I wrote this thing in a couple of hours:


Characters: (all male)

  1. Officer worker.

  2. Labour worker.

  3. Creative worker.

  4. Old person.

  5. Young person.

  6. Little person. :-)

Purpose of the project was to tell the opinions of man about the women that influence their life.

Film will be shot in documentaries and interview real people in their normal working space.

All characters will leave their work place and buy something for their lady.

The ending will be 6 person wishing their lady having a great 8th March.


  1. Name and occupation?

  2. Married?

  3. How were you met?

  4. How long you been together?

  5. What make them miss their partner the most?

  6. What make them hate their partner the most?

  7. What is important their partner to them?

  8. What responsibility do they feel they have toward their partner?

  9. Happy 8/3

At first I thought I would take this idea to some sort of NGO or maybe a cosmetic brand to ask for funding. But then I realized the timing wasn’t right so I just left it there. A week later, when I read back what I wrote I thought it was very shallow for such a vast topic. I remembered I was very glad I didn’t do anything more with it.

This project never became a film but it is very valuable to me personally. This is the project that I concious about time for an idea to “merinate” was absolute vital for a quality piece of work. It is also made me realised that writing something down in front of me is much more helpful than just keeping them in my head.