RI007 - Hạc San / Sét Đánh Ngang Trời - 07/2016



At Rice, we constantly talks about content for the youtube channel. I always tried to start a series which would help us promote rock bands and their original music in Việt Nam. Everybody in the beginning was not too keen with the idea but my stubborness wasn’t willing to loose. I was determined to start the first episode with Hạc San and their album Sét Đánh Ngang Trời for Float.

Hạc San is an amazing band. I am a fan of their music since I met a couple of the members when working in Đô-rê-mi. To my very limited IQ score, the stuff they play is way too complex. But this complexity is very ordered, consistent and is coupled with a very meaningful message.

I just watched what I did in this film a minute ago, and frankly am a little embarassed of the quality I produced. Rachapon did such great work with the animation I shot some very silly scene. I think I rushed it. If I am not mistaken, this film was made right after Tiger Everest.

It was a shame that the amount of work at Rice at the time was overwhelmingly increasing by days. I remember I was eating and sleeping in the office. I am not proud of that fact very much. In contrast, it is one of the reason I eventually left. Time was the main limitation for the second episode of this series.

Sometime later after I left Rice they no longer publicly show this series on their channel. It was very interesting because I then see they did another series named Nổi in collaboration with Saigoneer.

Một thời gian sau khi tôi rời Rice thì họ không còn quảng bá chuỗi phim này nữa. Tôi thấy rất thú vị về điều này vì sau này họ lại làm một chuỗi phim khác với tên Nổi cùng sự hợp tác của Saigoneer. Ông/bà có thể truy cập đến đường dẫn gốc theo đây.



published: 2016-07-29


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