RI006 - Tiger / Everest - 08/2016

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This project had pretty much everybody involved from Digipost and Rice.

VFX with a green screen is nothing new for mw. This trick has been done since Goerge Méliès. Of course the technology of digital has boosted the speed and quality way beyond what people can imagine in the 1890. But honestly the online team at Digipost that year was filled with talented people. To produce such quality, that team must have understood the tools that they used very well and have very good discipline in order to finished the project in very little time period.

I was ordered to get to the film stage right away after [Tiger Wall][] to record the location sound for this project. I thought it was strange that Andy was very unhappy with the fact that I could not make it in time even though the only reason I was able to come back in town was because of a massive accident. In contrast, it was very amusing because they actually got someone to subtitute but still wanted me to be there on time like I was able to fly my own plane back to Saigon.

I really needed a break after [Tiger Wall][] and it seemed I was not going to be involved with this project much. So I re-contacted football friends to just have a kick about while time was in my favor. Obviously it didn’t mean I got to sit around at home all day because there was always somework at the office. One evening after a football match, I got home and read Linh’s post on Convo notifed everyone about trouble that we are facing with the audio. I opened the draft version and honestly I just couldn’t stand the quality either. Still in my sporting outfit at around midnight, I got myself to Digipost to see whassup. The story was Peter Aquilina wouldn’t approve and the VFX team didn’t have much reference to do their job with such sound design. So I went up to the audio room.

Quyền had mixxed a ton of projects for Digipost but at the time, he had very little experience with sound design and music. I don’t blame hime at all because all the time he has was only enough to get all the work done for adverting projects. We sat together until 8 in the morning and within that day, our Director approved the sound track. Things were back to normal progress.

After that day, I slept 2 days straight. Quite pleased actually, because we got the news that Rice would have a bigger room and was in the legal process of becoming an independent organisation.

This project won the Golden Bell Award 2016 - an advertising award.

This is the behind the scene video.



published: 2016-08-08


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